1. Take It to the Lord in Prayer (Original Mix) 3:22
    2. A Call to Prayer 3:38
    3. To God Be the Glory 4:16
    4. In Him Alone 5:08
    5. Take It to the Lord in Prayer (Salvation Rock Remix) 3:11
    6. Modimo Ke Wa Rona Rothe 4:46
    7. Ngiyakubonga Jesu 4:28
    8. Nami Ungangedluli Jesu 5:14
    9. Thine Be the Glory 3:05
    10. Ngizakuwe 3:55
    11. To God Be the Glory (Big Church Remix) 4:22
    12. Meeting You 3:10

    SEE MY MUSIC VIDEO – A Call To Prayer

    I have always known that God exists. I only got to know His grace and miracle power very well after giving my life to Him at age 12. Since then I have seen Him help many people because of prayer in situations that were totally hopeless.

    Looking at the world, I cannot understand why all people don’t give their lives to God. God is the only one that truly loves you. God is the only one who has the power to save and sustain you no matter how bad your situation!

    For most people, I know it is the guilt that comes when doing wrong that makes us not to want to face Him.

    For those who don’t want to stop doing wrong and therefor don’t want to think about God, I have experienced that it becomes extremely easy to do right when you have a friend in Jesus. He changes the things you want in life, He changes what you want! The things that you do that is wrong/bad (no matter how important right now) with time through His Spirit becomes unimportant and uninviting. I actually started hating the bad things I did before I gave them up! I am still not perfect but God is patient with me. He did not ask me to stop and change everything at once. He works with patience and with love. He made me. He knows what I can handle. I am changing slowly and I am changing daily to be more like Gods vision for me. God is not out to get you or to beat you up! He loves you! He will give you the power to change.

    In history; if you look at cultures like the Mayans, the Incas, the Nordic tribes, some African tribes as well as many of the other tribes of old, you will see that they sacrificed humans (often their own children) to their gods to try and appease those gods. The Inca’s, a bit different apparently sacrificed to give their god power to him help keep the sun going round the earth?! These gods were ferocious and blood thirsty. Even today there are still religions that require human sacrifice. We all know about them. And arguably we can even think of suicide bombing and war as human sacrificial rituals… Seeing it in this way many events like 911 are ultimately a human sacrifice rituals!

    In a time period where human sacrifice was at the order of the day, God sacrificed His Son to bring peace to us. What He did is the total opposite of what happened in those other religions. He showed that He loved us. He did not try to force us to show Him how much we love (fear) Him by letting His priests request or force people to be put to death. He showed us that He loves us and He showed us how much He loves us.

    To me because of the human sacrifice element it is also clear that many other gods actually hate(d) their followers. Why else would they want them to die in the most horrific of ways? Why else will they want the family of the victims suffer such loss? Were these gods really demons? The Bible says that satan steals, kills and destroys. Some of the other ancient gods just did not care enough even to interact with their followers to stop them from being foolish enough to kill humans. Maybe these gods were just statues that did not represent any real living entity…

    The God of the Bible is the only god that loves us humans enough to sacrifice for us! What God sacrificed was also be that which is dearest to His heart and that is His only Son!

    My Gods Son (Jesus Christ) chose to die when His father sent Him. He chose to die to reconcile us all to God the father! He loved us enough to take our punishment so that we may never have to think and feel that God wants to take revenge for our wrong doings. By doing this it is clear to me that I can totally trust my God with my everything all of the time! He loves me!

    God still loves us humans. Humans includes you and me – He has not changed his mind. He loves you the way you are, where you are, right now. And when you get to know Him (and you can), you will love Him back – you will not be able to help it!

    Because He loves you and because He wants to interact with you, he listens when you talk. You just need to close your eyes and talk to Him no matter your circumstances; He can hear! He does help! You can be honest, He knows the whole truth in any case. If you messed up, you messed up but that does not change the fact that He loves you! He can change your world and the way you see things in ways that you can’t imagine.

    Whenever I have a problem no matter how big or small – I take it to God in prayer. There is always something good or something better coming – I take it to the Lord in prayer. When my friends have problems or want to change I go on my knees with them – I take it to the Lord in prayer. When thiose friends reject me – I take it to the Lord in prayer. He is my Father, He likes it when I talk to Him. I know that God answers my prayers and this is why I sing!

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